The Blockheadsはしばしばアップデートがおこなわれ、多くの要素追加や、バグ修正、微調整など、多くの変化をもたらす。

iOS Android
アップデート 日付 次のアプデまでの期間
アップデート メジャー
1.0 2013年1月10日 9 28
1.0.1 2013年1月19日 19
1.1 2013年2月7日 4 32
1.1.1 2013年2月11日 28
1.2 2013年3月11日 16 106
1.2.1 2013年3月27日 90
1.3 2013年6月25日 10 107
1.3.1 2013年7月5日 13 97
1.3.2 2013年7月18日 84
1.4 2013年10月10日 174
1.5 2014年4月2日 55 --
1.5.1 2014年5月27日 --
アップデート 日付 次のアプデまでの期間
アップデート メジャー
1.4 2013年10月10日 6 174 2013年10月16日 1 168 2013年10月17日 6 167 2013年10月23日 3 161 2013年10月26日 158
1.5 2014年4月2日 83 --
1.5.1 2014年6月24日 --

アップデート - 2014年5月27日編集


  • New cloud based server hosting
  • New improved interface for joining multiplayer worlds, including iCloud sync for recently joined servers
  • Trade portals now display trend indicators and 24 hour graphs
  • Adds ability to mute players in multiplayer chat, which also hides that player’s paintings and avatar
  • Adds buttons for mods and admins to kick and ban easily in multiplayer
  • New support for disabling PVP (Player vs. player) on multiplayer servers
  • New support for password protecting servers
  • New support for a custom welcome message when joining a server
  • When you don’t have enough time crystals to complete an action, it now tells you how many more you need
  • Admins and mods are now displayed in a different color on buttons and text
  • Admins can now see a combination of all revealed areas of the map for all players
  • Banned players paintings are now removed
  • New buttons to get free crystals while crafting


  • Fixes bug where blockheads could end up repeatedly dying from overheating
  • Fixes issue where paintings could appear higher resolution than they should
  • Fixes issue where players could pick up elevator shafts or motors that did not belong to them.
  • Fixes crashing bugs
  • Fixes issue where the sides and top of the front layer of glass blocks could often be rendered opaque
  • Fixes issue where steam trains could be removed by anyone
  • Fixes issue where station names didn’t show up when a steam locomotive is tapped
  • Painted objects now show up the correct color when removed and in your inventory or dropped and floating
  • Now all owned floating objects won’t despawn, e.g. paintings that drop as a result of the back wall being removed will no longer despawn.
  • Reduces memory usage and improves performance, particularly reducing lag in multiplayer.
  • Fixes bugs where items could get lost when disconnecting from a server
  • Fixes bug that could cause electricity, steam generators and elevators to stop working.
  • Fixes stairs achievement
  • Fixes item dupe bugs
  • Fixes bug where freezing water then mining the ice would make any objects (e.g. safes) that were frozen within disappear
  • Fixes bug where sharks could multiply too quickly
  • Fixes bug where some players couldn’t remove blocks containing windows

アップデート - 2014年4月2日編集


  • 「死亡」という概念の追加
  • 最新のオンラインサーバー一覧が表示される
  • ゲーム内の全てのプレイヤーが売買できるポータルの追加
  • 電動エレベーターの追加
  • 黄金の弓と毒矢の追加
  • 新たにシングルプレイヤーモードで始めたときにチュートリアルがはじまる
  • マルチプレイヤーのワールドが16倍大きく
  • Scorpionの追加(夜の砂漠に出現)
  • ladderbedschestshelvesdisplay cabinetssafesignshopの色を変更できる
  • カメラロールから好きな画像を使用して絵画をクラフトできる
  • バグ修正

アップデート(Androidのみ) - 2013年10月26日編集


  • Fixed issue with some players world crashing after moving full chests.

アップデート(Androidのみ) - 2013年10月23日編集


  • Fixed Keyboard issue for some devices
  • Fixed issue causing some players games to hang
  • More updates and bug fixes to come!

アップデート(Androidのみ) - 2013年10月17日編集


  • Several bug fixes and improvements to keep your Blockheads rocking! We have disabled portrait mode to prevent a random crash that was occurring for some players when rotating the screen.

アップデート(Androidのみ) - 2013年10月16日編集


  • Several bug fixes and improvements to keep your Blockheads rocking!

アップデート - 2013年10月10日編集



  • Newly placed beds, signs, chests, shelves, trains and workbenches are now owned by whoever placed them, and cannot be picked up or directly removed by other players. They also no longer despawn.
  • New server command to reset the owner of a username
  • Banning users now also black lists their device, so they cannot reconnect with a different username and IP
  • Water freezing and melting no longer causes an increase in water volume
  • Added new moderator category to servers that can only list, ban/unban, kick, and whitelist/unwhitelist other players.
  • Admins and hosts can now pick up and use all items regardless of who the owner is. Placing any picked up item re-assigns ownership to the host/admin. Dropping any item removes all ownership.
  • It is now possible to hang workbenches and chests on back walls and stack them above each other
  • Removed ability to purchase ore/coal/oil/ingots from portals, it was a bit too much like cheating.
  • Fixes a bug where all blockheads could occasionally instantly lose all health (the heart attack bug)
  • Fixes issues with pathfinding, including falls when digging ceilings or removing ladders, and queued actions getting canceled when they shouldn't be.
  • Fixes issue allowing people to log in as someone else on iOS 7, or when they were marked (AWAY)
  • Kicked/Banned players' blockheads are now removed from the world instantly.
  • Now only one username can be active on a given server from a given device at one time.
  • Fixes issues where items could get lost or duplicated when exiting the game.
  • Numerous changes to tech tree and where things are crafted, with some new upgrades.
  • Added buttons to use the current item/eat/wear/take photo etc. next to the inventory as well as above the blockhead.
  • Many performance optimizations
  • Fixed long standing bug where chili and corn plants couldn't have just the fruit harvested by harvesting top square.

アップデート - 2013年7月18日編集


  • クラッシュやマルチプレイヤーが切断されるバグ、遅延に焦点を当て、これまでのバージョンで見つかった問題が修正される。

アップデート - 2013年7月5日編集


  • Fixes an issue with editing of signs.
  • Fixes an issue where workbenches and items disappear.
  • Fixes an issue of crashes in multiplayer.

アップデート - 2013年6月25日編集


  • Connect to persistent server-hosted worlds for many more players at once
  • In-game text chat with other players
  • Now continues when you exit in multiplayer too. The server will continue to run through any queued actions for your blockheads until you return.
  • Connect and play with up to 5 other players locally without needing Game Center
  • Host or join auto-matched Game Center games, and find new friends to play with
  • Smelt copper and gold coins to trade with other players.
  • New shop blocks allow you to trade items with other players, even while you're away.
  • Added safes, giving the ability to store items that no other players can access.
  • Added iron doors and trapdoors that only your blockheads can use.


  • Dig for treasure! New golden treasure chests containing valuable items.
  • Pinch to zoom out to a map view that shows all the way from lava to space, and allows you to easily see everything and zoom into specific areas.
  • Signs! Label your rooms and chests, or leave messages for other players.
  • Use time crystals to teleport from anywhere in the world to any portal instantly!
  • New advanced beds allow your blockheads to sleep much faster and stay awake longer.
  • Craft shelves to display items and easily see where everything is stored.
  • New metal blocks allow you to build strong walls that look awesome and are hard to destroy.
  • The expected change to your inventory is now tracked across actions. So for example if you queue up crafting 3 tin ingots, you can now immediately queue up crafting a tin bucket.
  • Find limes in limestone!
  • Seven new achievements.


  • Fixes an issue where your world could become corrupted if you accept a Game Center invite while a world is loading.
  • Fixes many issues causing lag and crashes in multiplayer.
  • The 'fog of war' darkness is now per-player in multiplayer.
  • Partially mined stone no longer resets to its un-mined state (though placed blocks still do).
  • Many other more minor fixes and changes.

アップデート - 2013年3月27日編集


  • Adds particles and an icon to make it clearer when the tin foil hat is queuing AI events.
  • Tin foil hat wearers will no longer mine placed blocks.
  • 世界の読み込みに失敗する問題が修正。
  • Fixes problems with invisible plants, and trees that don't fall down when chopped
  • Fixes more crash bugs, particularly in multiplayer
  • Fixes issue that could make button presses fail to work sometimes
  • Fixes graphical issue with doors and trapdoors in transparent blocks
  • fishsharkのスポーンの大量のバグを修正
  • その他修正

アップデート - 2013年3月11日編集


  • バックグラウンドで作業が行えるように
  • blockheadを4人まで増やせるように
  • Fishing Rodfishを釣れるように。sharkには注意!
  • Upgrade your press with bronze to create tin foil, then roast fish on the campfire to create the most fulfilling meal yet.
  • Craft, wear, and unleash the power of the incredible tin foil hat!
  • While swimming, eat kelp to get a boost of air.


  • Clothing now degrades much, much, slower, and at different rates depending on what the blockhead is doing, and on the clothing item.
  • Queue multiple craft actions one after the other at a single workbench.
  • Also queue sleeping events at a bed even when not tired. Blockheads still must be tired when they get there to actually sleep though.
  • New animation when harmed.
  • Basalt is now shinier, and has a new unique look when painted.
  • All new blockheads can now be warped in immediately without another blockhead needing to be at the portal to warp them in.
  • Blockheads can collapse from exhaustion or starvation, and refuse to craft if too exhausted or starving.
  • Blockheads don't starve until a while after hunger bar reaches zero, and starving doesn't damage health as much initially.
  • When using a gold pick axe or spade on ore/coal/oil/clay etc. there is now a small chance of getting 10 of that ore on any strike.
  • Removing a reinforced platform now also removes the back wall where appropriate.
  • Placed reinforced platforms now also preserve the back wall, so it's now possible to create interesting back wall designs with different blocks.


  • Fixed many lag issues, and made the game run a lot faster and smoother, particularly with many donkeys, and with melting/freezing/flowing water and falling snow.
  • These changes also greatly improve battery usage.
  • Basalt now gives correct bonuses when mined with gem pickaxes.
  • The 'pausing and running in mid air every few seconds' bug is fixed.
  • Fixes many crash bugs.
  • Fixes disappearing action boxes when chasing animals.
  • Fixed bug where you could breathe underwater by mining blocks.
  • Fixed bug where the crickets would always make noise regardless of sound volume.
  • Fixed bug that could cause world corruption in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed bug where queued interactions or pick up actions could get canceled if off screen.
  • Many other minor fixes

アップデート - 2013年2月11日編集


  • 前回のアップデートで追加されなかった実績の追加


  • 新しい世界を作成する問題を修正。
  • クラッシュの主な原因を修正しました。
  • kelpの問題を修正しました。
  • Fixed Clay/Bucket exploit.

アップデート - 2013年2月7日編集



  • Wooden platforms are now 'reinforced platforms' and require iron. This is to make them a more advanced building material for later in the game.
  • Dropped chests and pole bonus clothing items are no longer removed from the world.
  • The more valuable gems are a bit less likely to show up while meditating.
  • Clothing now degrades slowly over time.
  • There are now tips in the early stages of the game.
  • Options added to change sound volume, and restore double-time purchase.


  • Now uses a much safer method to save worlds, so losing a world to a crash is now very unlikely.
  • Can no longer breathe underwater by swimming through solid blocks.
  • Fixed issue with crystals when restoring from backups.
  • Fixed issue with artificial light traveling too far under water.
  • Fixed some crash issues.
  • Dropbears now die if burned.

アップデート - 2013年1月19日編集

  • クラッシュバグを修正
  • 作業台が使用不能になるバグを修正
  • オフラインでゲームセンターに実績を達成してしまうバグを修正。 オフライン時に達成した実績はオンライン時に改めて認識されるように。
  • 重くなる問題を修正。