A tool is an アイテム that a Blockhead can use to interact with its environment. For example, a pickaxe can be used to mine stone.


For a Blockhead to use a tool, it must first be in an accessible slot in that Blockhead's インベントリ. It must then be selected, which allows it to be used. While selected, the Blockhead is directed to act on a location, ブロック, or 生物. If the resulting outline shows an icon of the selected tool, that tool will be in use.

カテゴリ:ツール|ツールs have appropriate and inappropriate uses, denoted by the color of the outline that appears. White outlines are neutral, and mean the tool has the same effect as an empty hand. A red outline means the tool is inappropriate and will be no more effective than an empty hand, implying it will take more wear than necessary as well. A green outline means the tool is appropriate and will be more effective than an empty hand.

Most tools are appropriate for attacking 生物. Weapons are tools that are only appropriate for attacking creatures. They also are more effective than other tools at that task.

A Blockhead's ハンド is a special case. It can serve as a tool or weapon, and is the default tool for certain types of harvesting such as picking フルーツ off 木s or picking up loose items.


The following items are considered to be tools but not weapons:

The following items are considered to be weapons:

For durability and effectiveness of tools, refer to the following pages: