Mobs are the animals you will face in the game. There 5 mobs.


Donkeys are passive mobs that wander around the world. They will run away if hurt and usually eat crops to pass the time. If a planted carrot drops a carrot, and a donkey eats it, it will give birth to a baby donkey. On death it will drop Fur and Leather. You can ride it, and tempt it to go any direction you want with the use of a Carrot On a Stick.

Drop Bear編集

Drop Bears are hostile mobs that attack your Blockhead at night. During the day it will stay up in trees it spawns by. If your Blockhead cuts down a tree the Drop Bear is in, the Drop Bear will fall and attack the Blockhead once before scampering up another tree. Up to 3 Drop Bears can be in a tree at once. They will not attack your Blockhead when you climb the tree unless you attack it. On death it will drop Fur, and sometimes Leather. Drop Bears will sometimes spawn near pine cone trees.

Dodo Bird編集

So far the only bird mob in the game. They will drop Dodo Eggs throughout the world and spawn near Apple Trees. It will eat any nearby crops as well. It drops Dodo Feathers and Uncooked Dodo Meat on death.

Shark 編集

Sharks spawn in large bodies of water. Like fish, baby sharks can be caught in a bucket. Depending on the size of the shark, the attacks do different amounts of damage.

When killed, it will drop 5 raw fish, a shark jaw (wall decor) and clothing from previous victims.

The Shark Jaw varies in size depending on the size of the shark killed. Baby shark jaw take up a 1x1 block space, while the medium takes up a 2x3 space, and the large takes up a 3x5 space.

Sharks also grow over time.

Fish 編集

Fish is an orange and white mob that spawn quickly underwater near Kelp. You can fish it using Fishing Rod. When you fish it, you obtain 1-3 Raw Fish.