Light is both a natural and Blockhead-made thing.


Trees grow more fruit in light. A Blockhead's environment bar will tend to reduce in low light.

Light can partially penetrate into solid, non-transparent blocks, allowing the player to see what's "buried" there. How far it penetrates is determined by the strength of the light. Even the strongest light (full daylight) cannot penetrate more than 4-5 blocks deep and quickly fades to black after that.

Light will illuminate the far side of solid blocks, although it will tend to be diminished more than normal for that distance.


Most natural light comes from the sun in the day and the night has some light from stars and the moon. Weather may reduce the available light.

Some naturally spawned objects such as unmined gold ore may appear to give off light. Until a Blockhead uncovers the area where it is, they don't shine on their own. If a light source uncovers gold ore and then is removed, it will still give off light.

A Blockhead seems to give off a little light (not much but a player may still move them about 2 blocks at a time).

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