Fire burns, usually destroying things (trees and wooden blocks) in the process.


Fire is depicted in The Blockheads as a changing pattern of yellow to red, generally resembling a real flame. Uncontrolled flames (outside a campfire, furnace, or kiln) also have a pattern of darker browns above it resembling smoke.

Ways to Start Fires編集

When a wooden block is within two (2) blocks of a campfire it may ignite at any time. This will not earn the Pyro achievement.

The following things may start uncontrolled fires.


An uncontrolled fire will spread up and sideways to other flammable blocks and items.

Flammable blocks and items will despawn and vanish after burning. Things that don't burn but are in contact with despawning blocks will react accordingly. Trapdoors will appear to have their ladder burn but will drop when they despawn.

Flammable Items編集

The following things can burn: