Seeds are items that spawn on a tree in The Blockheads. Some seeds are edible. Edible seeds restore a small amount of the hunger bar. Fruits and seeds together are the two kinds of items spawned on trees.

Where Found編集

Maple seeds and pine cones spawn on the leaves of their associated trees, where they remain until harvested, dropped due to the leaves despawning, or despawn themselves. These seeds appear during specific seasons according to their type.

Flax seeds and sunflower seeds spawn when their corresponding plant despawns or is harvested.


All seeds except pine cones may be eaten to restore a small amount of a Blockhead's hunger bar.

Any seed may be placed in a block of dirt, sand or compost to spawn their parent plant.

Flax seeds and sunflower seeds can be used to craft oil at a press.

Types of Seed編集