Gold tools are like their non-gold counterparts, but have a unique feature—they can spawn items while being used. The only two currently in the game are pickaxes and spades.

Item Spawn Frequency Chart編集

The chart below is a collection of data to record the frequency a particular item spawns when using a gold tool. When an item is received, the results are recorded and updated below. To know the frequency percentage, divide the item quantity by the total.

Gold Pickaxe
Amethyst Bronze Ingot Copper Ingot Diamond Emerald Gold Ingot Iron Ingot Ruby Sapphire Steel Ingot Time Crystal Tin Ingot Total
Stone 102 38 46 6 31 61 29 9 54 42 69 32 519
Gold Spade
Apple Carrot Cherry Chilli Clay Coconut Coffee Cherry Corn Flax Seed Flint Mango Maple Seed Orange Pine Cone Sunflower Seed Time Crystal Total
Dirt 6 6 9 9 8 8 8 5 6 4 15 6 8 5 11 23 62
Gold Spade
Coconut Glass Prickly Pear Time Crystal Total
Sand C01 C02 C03 C04 C05


Time Crystals can be produced from any block when using a gold tool. Other bonuses may depend on the type of block and where it's located.

A gold pickaxe produces bonuses at slight better than a 5% rate per stroke (about one bonus per 2.5 blocks on average) and may produce variant bonuses when used on blocks other than raw stone. Limestone has produced oil. Marble has produced red marble. Red marble has produced gold ingots. Sandstone has produced gold nuggets. There are no reports of Lapis Lazuli being produced, but using a gold pickaxe on it has produced gold ingots with no reports to date of other bonuses.

Either tool may produce bonuses when used on ore blocks in addition to the ore, such as clay or flint in dirt or coal in stone. The type of bonus seems to depend on the base block, and consists of ten of the ore in question.

Prior to release 1.3, it wasn't unusual for a gold pickaxe used exclusively on raw stone to generate more than five gold ingots before breaking, making it virtually regenerating.

There are no reports of bonuses when using gold tools on non-blocks (creatures or plants) or blocks used in construction.