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Carrot Plants are vegetation plants that produces carrots.


Carrot plants at a young age have the appearance of a small green rosette of leaves protruding ground the ground surface. A mature carrot plant has a taller rosette of leaves and flowering stem with an umbrel of white flowers at the top.


Carrot plants are found growing near temperate and equatorial areas.


Carrot plants are primarily used in the production and farming of carrots which have a variety of uses to a Blockhead. Carrot plants can be planted in a block of dirt or compost to produce additional carrot plants and yielding more carrots. Harvesting of the plants is achieved by hand or machete on a mature plant. If harvested by hand, a mature carrot plant will yield up to two carrots while using a machete will yield up to three. If a mature plant goes unharvested, the plant will eventually drop a carrot and turn into a young carrot plant to begin a new life cycle.


Donkeys have been known to spawn near carrot plants.