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Dodo Meat


分類 Food
使用用途 Food
入手方法 Dodo Bird/Campfire/Electric Stove
スタック できる (99)

Dodo meat is a resource food item that comes in two forms. Raw dodo meat is randomly left behind by a dodo bird when killed. When consumed, it restores health and hunger to a Blockhead.

Raw dodo meat can also be cooked to produce cooked dodo meat. Being a more hearty meal, cooked Dodo Meat will restore a larger amount of health and hunger to a Blockhead than in its raw form.


Dodo meat has the appearance of a large drumstick, coming from the lower leg of the dodo. Due to the myloglobin protein found in the dodo and most animals, Raw dodo meat is pink in color. Once cooked, the dodo meat has a cooked brown look.


Raw dodo meat may randomly drop after killing a dodo. Cooked dodo meat is a crafted on the campfire or the electric stove. Dodos are found wherever apple trees grow.


Raw dodo meat may be cooked at a campfire or an electric stove to produce cooked dodo meat.

Cooked Dodo Meat
場所 素材 1 素材 2 素材 3 素材 4 作成後のアイテム
Campfire/Electric Stove 40px + + + = 40px
Raw Dodo Meat [[]] [[]] [[]] Cooked Dodo Meat
数量 1 {{{Qty2}}} {{{Qty3}}} {{{Qty4}}} 1
2 タイムクリスタル
1 タイムクリスタル

It is also an ingredient for dodo stew on an electric stove.

Dodo Stew
場所 素材 1 素材 2 素材 3 素材 4 作成後のアイテム
Electric Stove 40px + 40px + 40px + 40px = 40px
Iron Pot Raw Dodo Meat Carrot Corn Dodo Stew
数量 1 1 1 1 1
6 タイムクリスタル
3 タイムクリスタル