分類 作成 Surface
使用用途 作成
入手方法 Workbench Level 3
ニーズ Steel Block, Copper Block, Electric Motor, 10 Copper Wire
スタック できる (99)
"Stores electricity."

The Flywheel is a crafting surface that is used to store electricity for other crafting surfaces to use.


Resembling a crafting surface, a flywheel is silvery white in color with a yellow/gold circle in front. The circle rotates, spinning faster when storing more energy, and not spinning at all when not fueled at all.


A flywheel is created at a workbench (of level 3) for 1 steel block, 1 copper block, 1 electric motor, and 10 copper wires.

場所 素材 1 素材 2 素材 3 素材 4 作成後のアイテム
Workbench Lvl 3 40px + 40px + 40px + 40px = 40px
Steel Block Copper Block Electric Motor Copper Wire Flywheel
数量 1 1 1 10 1
? タイムクリスタル
 ? タイムクリスタル


There is no crafting possible with just a flywheel. Instead, it takes in and stores electricity from connected solar panels or steam generators. Tapping on a flywheel will bring up a menu with options to remove it or access it.

Accessing a flywheel will display a bar measure showing how much power it's currently storing.

When connected electrically to a crafting surface that requires electricity and is in use, a flywheel will begin releasing power and supplying electricity until either the demand ends or its stored power runs out. As a steam generator will provide power on demand, a flywheel will draw on it until it's "full" or the generator runs out of power.


Flywheels do not consume items as fuel.