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Iron Armor Leggings


分類 Armor
使用用途 Protection
入手方法 Armor Bench
ニーズ 3 Iron Ingots
スタック できる (99)
"Highly defensive pants."

Iron armor leggings are used to better protect your Blockhead from harm.


Iron armor leggings are crafted at a level two armor bench.

Iron Armor Leggings
場所 素材 1 素材 2 素材 3 素材 4 作成後のアイテム
Lvl. 2 Armor Bench Iron Ingot Icon + + + = 40px
Iron Ingot [[]] [[]] [[]] Iron Armor Leggings
数量 3 {{{Qty2}}} {{{Qty3}}} {{{Qty4}}} 1
? タイムクリスタル
 ? タイムクリスタル


A Blockhead can wear iron armor leggings by dragging the item into the Blockhead's clothing slot for pants. The Blockhead then takes a reduced amount of damage (better than the reduction tin produces). Iron armor leggings will wear out naturally, but wear out even faster when the wearer is taking damage from creatures or other players.


Iron armor leggings resemble tin armor leggings, but have a slight grey tint instead of a blue tint. They also resemble linen pants and leather pants, but are metallic and tinted dark grey instead of white or brown, or any dyed pants.