分類 Resource
使用用途 Decoration
入手方法 Woodwork Bench
ニーズ Wood
スタック できる (99)
"Home sweet home."

A Sign is an item that must be crafted.


A sign is a rectangle with a brown, wood-like texture. It is about two blocks wide and one block tall. Most of the time when placed, it is centered on one block, overlapping the adjacent block spaces. Placed adjacent to a solid block, they will shift slight to cover two adjacent empty blocks. The text is most legible at normal or full zoom.

When in place, signs appear in the foreground. Blockheads pass behind them.

Where and how a sign is placed determines additional features. Placed on top of solid blocks or another sign, it will tend to have vertical "wood" supports on either end, or one in the middle if there is a missing block beside the one it's on. Placed on the underside (but not on top) of solid blocks or another sign, it will tend to have "metal" links at the corners. Placed beside (but not on top or underneath) a solid block it will tend to add a fancy "metal" support above it. Placed on a back wall but not adjacent to a solid block or another sign, it will tend to have no additional features. (See the gallery for examples.)


A sign must be created in a woodwork bench. It takes one (1) wood to make a sign.


The primary use of a sign is to display text in a world. The displayed text is centered on the sign in up to three lines, any or all of which may be blank.

Placing a sign will earn a player the "Home Sweet Home" achievement.

Each sign can have its own individual text, which is retained if the sign is moved (just as a chest or shelf's contents travel with their container) and does not affect stacking. The fist sign a player creates has the words "HOME SWEET HOME' entered. Subsequent signs start blank, and when first placed the user is prompted to type in the desired text. Selecting a placed sign prompts for its removal or editing of its text.

Because they appear in the foreground, it should be possible to use signs as a type of limited "privacy wall" that Blockheads can stand behind and not be easily found.

When introduced in version 1.3, trying to save text for a sign might abort the app. This was corrected in version 1.3.1.


ファイル:Sign with Images.png

A sign can display a wide variety of characters, but on an iOS device three will have a color icon substituted. (See image.)

  • The Euro symbol (€) will display as a Gold Coin.
  • The Yen symbol (¥) will display as a Copper Coin.
  • The monetary Pound symbol (£) will display as a loose Time Crystal.