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Teleport Here was introduced in the 1.3 update.


To use Teleport Here the player need to select the portal they want to teleport their current Blockhead to and then select Teleport Here from the portal's menu. The Blockhead will be immediately transferred from wherever they are to in front of the portal. A cloud of "sparks" will surround the Blockhead and quickly disperse.

Any in-place portal may be used as the destination; the level and its origin are irrelevant.


The distance to portal will have and effect on the cost in Time Crystals to travel there. The portal's level or origin does not affect the cost.

The number of crystals required depends on the distance between the two points (Blockhead and portal), ranging from 10 if within 409 block widths to 200 if at least 8192 block widths away. The formula for teleportation is clamp(distanceInBlocks * 200 / 8192, 10, 200), where distanceInBlocks represents the distance in blocks.