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Woodwork Bench


分類 作成 Surface
使用用途 作成
入手方法 Workbench
ニーズ Wood
スタック できる (99)
"Craft with wood."

The Woodwork Bench is a crafting surface that is used to craft wood-related items.


A woodwork bench is created at a workbench (of any level) for one wood. It has no upgrades.

Woodwork Bench
場所 素材 1 素材 2 素材 3 素材 4 作成後のアイテム
Workbench 40px + + + = 40px
Wood [[]] [[]] [[]] Woodwork Bench
数量 1 {{{Qty2}}} {{{Qty3}}} {{{Qty4}}} 1
2 タイムクリスタル
1 タイムクリスタル


The following items can be created using a woodwork bench:

アイコン 名称 説明 アイテム1 アイテム2 アイテム3 アイテム4 コスト 二回目以降
25px Wooden Bed Get some rest. 1 x 25px 2 TCs 1 TCs
25px Chest Store things. 1 x 25px 2 TCs 1 TCs
25px 10 Ladders Climb faster. 1 x 25px 2 TCs 1 TCs
25px Wooden Door Keep the animals out. 3 x 25px 2 TCs 1 TCs
25px Sign Home sweet home. 1 x 25px 2 TCs 1 TCs
25px Trapdoor A door for the floor. 1 x 25px 1 x 25px 2 TCs 1 TCs
25px 5 Reinforced Platforms Build floating platforms. 1 x 25px 1 x Iron Ingot Icon ? TCs ? TCs
25px Shelf Display things. 1 x 25px 2 TCs 1 TCs
25px 2 Wood Columns For grand designs. 1 x 25px ? TCs ? TCs
25px 2 Wood Stairs An easier path. 1 x 25px ? TCs ? TCs

Removed items編集

The wooden platfrom was replaced with the reinforced platform, while the shop was moved to the workbench.

バージョン アイコン 名称 説明
1.0 - 1.0.1 25px Wooden Platform Build without back walls.
1.3 - 1.3.2 25px Shop Sell items in multiplayer.


Signs and shelves were added in version 1.3.

Wood columns and stairs were added in version 1.5.